Beauty may be only skin deep, but the truth is, how you feel when you look in the mirror has a huge impact on your entire life. Feeling beautiful and confident helps you navigate your life with more ease and can improve how you feel about everything from your marriage to your career. Here are five cosmetic treatments to consider if you are in need of a major confidence boost:

Breast Augmentation

If you have always been self-conscious about small, asymmetrical or droopy breasts, getting a breast augmentation will make a huge difference in your confidence level. After a breast augmentation, you should feel great about your body and the way clothes fit and feel more confident in intimate situations.

It's important to work with an experienced plastic surgeon who will help you decide the best size and shape breasts for your frame and give you the exact results you're dreaming of.


Few things can more dramatically improve the appearance of your face than rhinoplasty (aka a nose job) performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Best of all, a high-quality rhinoplasty procedure is often so subtle and natural-looking that no one will know you had it done - they will just know you look great.

Rhinoplasty involves a surgeon reshaping your nose to be more visually pleasing and flattering to your face. After rhinoplasty, many clients feel more confident and pleased with how balanced and symmetrical their face looks. If you are self-conscious about your nose due its size or shape, rhinoplasty can make it so you can't wait to post your next selfie on social media.


Vaginoplasty involves strengthening and tightening the vaginal muscles, either surgically or with the use of lasers. Over time, it is natural for your vagina to become looser due to tissues breaking down as a normal result of aging. If you've had children via vaginal childbirth, this can happen even at younger ages.

For many women, restoring their vagina to youthful levels of tightness and tone can restore their confidence, especially in the bedroom.

Vaginoplasty can increase sexual pleasure for you and your partner. It can also be a remedy for minor urinary incontinence, which can also play a significant role in your confidence and self-esteem.

Tummy Tuck

If the area you are most self-conscious about is your abdomen, then a surgical tummy tuck can be a great option. When you have a tummy tuck performed, your abdominal area is surgically tightened and given more support. Any excess fat or loose skin is removed at the same time. A tummy tuck will also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Many women decide to have a tummy tuck performed after losing significant weight. While the weight loss is commendable and may improve your overall appearance and health, it can leave loose skin and stretch marks behind.

This can lead to someone not feeling confident or secure in their body, even though they worked so hard to lose weight. A tummy tuck in this situation will remove excess skin and smooth everything out, leaving your abdomen with a toned and youthful appearance.

Dermal Fillers

If you are interested in improving your appearance but are not quite ready for surgery, fillers such as Juvederm can make a big difference. Fillers help plump up and fill in the skin, restoring lost youthful plumpness in your face. Fillers can decrease the visibility of lines and wrinkles, help you achieve fuller lips and generally make you look younger and more rested.

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