Augmentation Options

If you've long been dissatisfied with pockets of fat or problem areas that don't seem to budge, even with the strictest diet and exercise regimens, then you may be investigating your surgical options.
In many cases, the right surgical solution for your problem areas may depend on your specific body type. What works best for someone who carries most of their body fat in their stomach may not be the best approach for someone who carries excess weight in their hips or thighs.
Read on to learn more about some of the surgically slimming options that are best-suited for each body shape: apple, pear, ruler, hourglass, and inverted triangle.


The apple body shape is marked by a full bust, thick torso, and smaller hips and buttocks - with most excess weight stored in the stomach. Despite performing what can seem like billions of leg lifts, crunches, and butt-boosting exercises, it can be all but impossible to move this excess abdominal fat around to the rear to create a more hourglass figure with diet and exercise alone.
Combining liposuction with fat grafting can eliminate much of your excess abdominal fat - while also relocating it to build out your buttocks, hips, and thighs. This can transform your apple-shaped figure into a more hourglass-shaped one. Depending upon the amount of stomach fat you'd like to remove, you may also combine this procedure with a tummy tuck to remove any excess stomach skin and give you an overall lift. 


If you tend to carry most of your excess weight in your buttocks, hips, and upper thighs, with relatively thin arms and narrow shoulders, then you're probably best classified as pear-shaped. This means that liposuction will generally be concentrated below the waist- including saddlebags on the outside of your thighs. It may be combined with fat grafts to your upper body or even breast augmentation.
For those who only need fat removal for a small area, like the inner or outer thighs, noninvasive ultrasonic liposuction may be an ideal option. 


Ruler shapes are long and lean, without much of a defined waist. Even if you aren't interested in getting rid of extra fat, you may want to shift your shape into more of an hourglass figure. This can sometimes be helped along by fat grafts to widen the hips or a small amount of liposuction around the abdomen - to nip in the sides to create a more pleasing curve. 


Those who have already been blessed with an hourglass figure may still benefit from liposuction to streamline or trim certain areas with stubborn fat deposits.
As you grow older, it can become harder to control the way your body stores fat, and you may be dissatisfied with the recent appearance of new bulges in your upper arms, stomach, hips, thighs, or butt. Having these areas treated with liposuction can provide an overall slimming effect. 

Inverted Triangle

If you have a swimmer's body, with broad shoulders, a wide chest, narrow hips and thin legs, then you may want to de-emphasize your upper body while building up your lower body. Using the grafting procedure often deemed the "Brazilian butt-lift" can bring your upper and lower bodies into better proportion by moving all excess upper body fat to your lower body - particularly your derriere.
Lifting and emphasizing your buttocks can sometimes have an effect on your posture, helping you walk and stand with your chest proudly out - rather than hunching over in an attempt to minimize the size of your upper body. 
No matter your shape or size, there's likely a fat-sculpting procedure that's just right for you. Consult a plastic surgeon like those at Plastic Surgery Center of SWLA for more information and a personalized consultation.