You've welcomed your last baby into the world and worked hard to get to your preferred weight. Now, you are ready to take that last step toward finally getting your tummy back to where you feel comfortable.
While you are excited about your upcoming surgery, you are also well aware that having little ones at home poses a few challenges for your recovery. Fortunately, you can use these five tips to make sure that your kids have everything they need until you are fully back on your feet.

Open Up a Discussion

Kids sometimes think of their parents as being invincible, and it is important to make sure that they realize that you may not be feeling your best for the first couple of days after you return home.
Using age-appropriate language, let your little ones know now about restrictions such as you not being able to pick them up until the doctor says it's okay. For older kids, ask if they have any questions, and let them know about changes in their daily routines as much as possible.

Make Transportation Arrangements

You will be restricted from driving immediately after surgery, which means that you will need to make sure that your family has a way to get to school and their social events. There are several factors such as your comfort level, healing and need to use pain medications that influence how long this can take, but most moms should plan to avoid driving for at least a week.
Although many moms plan their surgery for a time when kids do not need much shuffling around, make sure to have a backup plan just in case someone needs to get somewhere quickly.

Follow All After-Care Instructions

That super-mom mentality may have helped you bake three-dozen cupcakes and hit three baseball games in one day, but it can land you in serious trouble when it comes to recovering from your tummy tuck.
You will be given a list of instructions before you go home that detail how to care for your wound, take your medication and which activities to avoid. Make sure to ask questions about recovery during your consultation, and remember that being careful now pays off big time when you get to love your new tummy.

Recruit an Adult Helper

You will be up and moving around again shortly after your tummy tuck. However, caring for young children requires a lot of heavy lifting and bending that are best avoided until your wound has healed.
Hire a mother's helper or ask your partner to stay home for the first week. This will prevent you from accidentally reinjuring yourself from doing something such as rushing to scoop up a kid with a scraped knee.

Get Ahead With Your Daily Chores

Now is the time to go a little crazy stocking up your pantry and spring cleaning like company is coming. Go ahead and plan some meals for the first week of your recovery, and consider freezing a few that only require reheating.
You can also make sure that laundry and other tasks that require heavy lifting are done so that you can enjoy knowing that you can just relax as you look forward to the unveiling of your new and improved tummy.
It's natural to wonder how you will ever recover with kids at home when you can barely catch a rest when you have the flu. However, a little planning now goes a long way toward ensuring that you get plenty of doctor-ordered rest in the days ahead.
Remember that our doctor at The Plastic Surgery Center wants you to love your new mommy makeover, so contact us with any questions you have about planning a safe recovery.